About Me

My mission is to transform the conversation of sex in the world by bringing light into an area many shroud in darkness. I do this by teaching women, men and couples how to connect with each other spiritually and sexually.

"Working with Dan has opened my heart and my mind to new possibilities and experiences. He was sincere in wanting to understand my needs as well as my broken places. He approached every challenge with a keen desire to bring acceptance, healing and light. Dan's patience, wisdom, warmth and kindness brought transformation and hope. Working with Dan has been a gift and a blessing in my life." - TW

Working with Dan and Elizabeth was a truly amazing experience. First we sat down and they took me through a "sex history" inventory for at least an hour. I have never had such an open conversation about my sexual background, beliefs, experience and concerns. The talk alone was transformational; through so many realizations I found a new sense of self-compassion. The non-judgmental, matter-of-fact and sincere conversation profoundly opened me up to the work. Being embraced by both the male and female energy rendered such a complete feeling of safety, and together they led me on a carefully synchronized journey where I was able to fully accept, allow and receive their gift. The release I experienced was uplifting and felt as though I cleared on an energetic as well as physical level. I had never ejaculated before and it was so effortless I didn't even realize it was happening! Since discovering "how to" and what it feels like, I have experienced that "letting go" with my partner which has brought a new level of intimacy to our relationship. I have also opened up to trying new things. Prior to my session, I couldn't "go there" because I was stuck in judgment. Now I realize different forms of expression and experimentation are part of a healthy sex life and my partner couldn't be happier with my new attitude!

To learn more contact me at 720-515-0080

What you will learn…


  • Increase your desire
  • Increase your sexual confidence
  • Gain confidence in your body
  • Create more abundance in your life
  • Improve sexual prowess
  • Find the courage to act on positive sexual impulses
  • Improve sexual health
  • Gain sexual competence
  • Reconnect with your current partner
  • Experience more joy in your life
  • Reduce sexual shame

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